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Svaar David Vinje Welcomes You

Family and Community for City Council Ward 3

Having spent the past 26 years raising a family of 5 and working in Rochester, Svaar understands the intense dedication and devotion it takes to nurture family values, as well as stay in touch with the needs of the community. His experience working downtown, serving on boards and being actively engaged in the community fuels his passion to serve. Svaar recognizes that a first-class city like Rochester needs to have a strong foundation of thoughtful leadership to continually address the ongoing issues of our rapid growth. Please explore this site to learn more about Svaar’s motivation to join the Rochester City Council and help guide our successful future.



Experience in Building Relationships

Svaar was born in Farmington, Maine to Lanye Vinje and Patricia Davis. Svaar moved to Rochester after his sisters death at the age of 13 and attended Rochester Public Schools and then graduated from Rochester Technical and Community College. Having started his working career at the age of 17 when he first joined the Knight’s Chamber team, his desire to learn the ropes of the business world served him well as he progressed to Manager, Owner, and eventually a second store, Knight's Menswear. Svaar understands the issues that affect small businesses and the downtown business community. His experience running a business in Rochester as well as engaging and interacting with those involved in DMC, RDA and the current City Council, has given Svaar a strong foundation and understanding of the prevalent issues facing our city. Svaar wants to invest his time and utilize his business background to give back to the community and help our citizens have an equal opportunity to achieve their dreams and goals. Svaar has the character, integrity and background to fill the responsibilities of the Ward 3 council seat and knows that it will take all of us working together to be successful.


Why Your Vote Counts

August 9th, 2022 & November 8th 2022

It’s time for a better balance for Rochester. With ongoing and unparalleled growth and investment, it is essential to have fiscal accountability, wise decision-making and thoughtful leadership guiding our city. We need open opportunities for all to achieve their dreams and goals. It’s necessary to have leadership that
will ask the hard questions, maintain open communication and do what’s best for all of our citizens. Svaar will provide that leadership and asks for your vote!! Thank you for your support and please reach out anytime with questions or concerns!


We Can Face These Issues 

Better Balance on Our Fundamental Needs



A city to provide health and safety for our residents by closely working with those that provide security and support for all. Svaar Vinje has close personal ties with Public Safety and looks forward to assisting the growth of our communities engagement with those that serve.

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Health Care

Svaar David Vinje  truly cares about health care as it impacts so many people that visit and work in the community. Deborah Vinje retired from Mayo in early 2022. I have operated a store for over 26 years that serves Mayo patients and it's staff.  I recognize the need for a positive health environment for all. We need to have a knowledgeable, diverse group on the City Council to understand these needs.

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Fiscal Accountability

We need a City Council that understands how to balance the cost of new and existing projects in respect to the taxes on our residents. We have seen significant growth in our local Government spending in the past 5 years.  I see a need to curb the excessive spending in all areas not serving the  general public. The pandemic caused many businesses like mine to tighten up spending.  Tightening up government spending  seems necessary.

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